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Roofing Kettles: offers new, used and refurbished roofing kettles and equipment for the professional contractor. We offer top quality machinery at deeply discounted prices to meet everyones budget. Unlike our competitors, we stock a large variety of kettles both new and used. We offer fully refurbished kettles with a quality product warranty. Financing is available. Call to speak to one of our experts today.

Refurbished Roofing Kettles: Choose from an inventory of 10-20 refurbished kettles available at any given time. Availability does fluctuate with seasonal demand so don't wait on your purchase. Used equipment is posted on our website, however the list is not always completely up to date. So if you don't see what you need give us a call. We may have it or it may be being refurbished and not yet be posted to the web page. Contact us for a complete list.

Financing Available: We offer equipment financing to qualified businesses 2 years or older with a fair or better credit score. Approval can be gotten same day.

Other Equiment: Besides kettles, we boast a large inventory of used roofing machinery and equiment. If you don't see it on our website call us. It may be available and just not have been posted yet. Some of our other products include Distributor Tanks, Tankers, Conveyors, Seemers, Torches, Engines, Automatic temperature controls, Air jacketed kettles, Power Brooms Powered Cutters, Felt layer, Gravel Spreaders, Luggers, Mop Carts, Mopper, Ripper, Saw, Spudders, Tapper, Joints, Welding, n-Deck Equipment, Spudders, etc.

Machinery Brands Available: Our new or used machines may include the following brands of kettles and equipment: Aeroil, Cimline, Crafco, Reeves, All Seasons Equiment, ASE, Cleasby, Panther, Stepp, Garlock, Roof Master and more.

Can't Find Something? Besides our own in-house inventory of equipment, we have equipment sources from around the country and abroad. If you can't find us and we'll find it for you...for less!

What's new as of: 12/7/2023
December Sale Items
(Offer ends December 31st, 2023)

Below is a PARTIAL list of our Used Equipment
Click Here - For the complete used equipment list.

Type Year Condition Price
RoofWeldd-MB900 RoofWeldd-MB900
Roof Welder New New $5, 950.00
RoofWeldd-TP900 RoofWeldd-TP900
Roof Welder New New $5, 950.00